Always striving for better

Our Values

Our values at LUXMII are anchored by our partners and the commitment we make in always striving for better. We are therefore dedicated to ensure that the people who are involved in every aspect of the business are empowered and every process is consciously thought through.


At LUXMII our makers are an extension of our core team. Every style is carefully considered in order to minimize overstocking and are handmade in small-scale and ethically run production houses. Our European ateliers are family–owned using the same techniques that have passed down from generation to generation.

We have fostered close relationships with all aspects of the supply chain from our textile suppliers to our garment label producers through constant communication and visits. This has enabled us to build meaningful relationships and consider every maker that has contributed to building a more sustainable and ethical LUXMII, our friends.

We are very proud to be working with some of the most talented in the industry, putting ethical manufacturing at the forefront of their core business practices. With a focus on lowering carbon footprint, many producers source suppliers within a 35km radius.

Our highly skilled ateliers have also cultivated their craft from tailoring and outerwear to delicate and innovative knitwear.

We are proud to work side by side with our makers who proudly hold the following certifications:


At LUXMII we believe good packaging shouldn’t harm the environment. That’s why we have eliminated single-use plastic from our supply chain and mainly use natural, recycled or biodegradable materials.

Selling exclusively online means we send out packages daily. Your beautiful LUXMII pieces are delivered to your doorstep in our official plant based compostable mailer bags. Containing zero poly plastic and made from a corn starch base, our mailers are certified to break down and decompose under home and/or industrial compost conditions. Find out more about home composting here.


We are committed to limiting our social and environmental impacts, not only through our sourcing and supply chain, but also through direct initiatives that speak to us as a company. As a startup, we have big plans to give back and we are honored to introduce our first partnership with an organization that lies close to our heart.

With roots in the heart of the tropics where the rainforest meets reef, LUXMII is dedicated to protection and preservation by working closely with Rainforest Rescue in support of ensuring mother nature’s oldest rainforest - the Daintrees is kept safe.

As we grow with every single one of our customer's support, we have the ability to take on initiatives and give back more to people and our planet.