Our Philosophy

With the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes being burnt or dumped in landfill every second, the fashion industry and the immense impact it has on our planet, contributing to 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, as an apparel company we have a responsibility to do better.

That’s why at LUXMII we follow a ‘fewer is better’ philosophy. Not following a seasonal fashion calendar but rather launching new styles based on direct feedback from our customers, means that we are able to stay more agile by producing only what’s necessary and in demand.

We are also one of the very few that have adopted On-demand production on select styles. This means we don’t produce any more or any less than what is ordered hence reducing our overall waste and solving the age old problem of overstocking.


LUXMII is a global brand with routes in both Australia and Europe. We are a sustainably luxury womenswear and lifestyle startup creating timeless wearable essentials made entirely from pure linen.



Women dressed in LUXMII linen



Natural Linen Designs



Countries delivered worldwide

Versatile. Sustainable. Natural.

Each design is consciously created to follow a “fewer is better” philosophy.

Creating timeless wardrobe essentials enriched with contemporary accents that transition effortlessly into each season, each piece is intended to easily compliment and mix and match with one another and crafted with quality so they last longer.


The core fabric used to create the basis of our entire apparel range is luxurious and textured natural linen.

In collaboration with our fabric suppliers and Artisan partners, we create with genuine comfort and wearability in mind by marrying understated elegance with refined minimalism.

Our community of linen-wear lovers appreciate quality, values the process of creating with consideration and cherishes natural textures & tones.

We believe that today’s luxury truly lies in artisanal craftsmanship and consideration for nature so thank you for supporting and being part of our like-minded community.


Thoughtfully made-by-hand by our partner ateliers, each design exudes quality craftsmanship and raw luxury.

By creating with consideration for the local craftsman and working with premium quality natural-only materials, we hope to find a harmonious balance between fashion, and sustainability.

Inovation with linen

Combining new with old by creating modern day essentials using one of the world’s most ancient fabrics; Linen. As we grow, it allows us to discover and develop new things for our linen loving community. And by partnering with supportive like-minded individuals, the possibility to innovate and create is limitless.