Find out what to wear with linen shorts to make your summer days simple and elegant.

How good is Summer (otherwise known as wedding season)? From rooftop lunches to long, warm evenings and lots of time spent outdoors, there are so many pluses to these months. 

But how to keep cool? With linen shorts that do effortless elegance so well. They can only make the sunnier skies better and will keep you as fresh as juicy watermelon or a cheeky icy cocktail. Linen shorts come in all shapes and colours. We’ll be giving special attention to lounge shorts and our Jager Bermuda Linen Shorts.

In our blog, we’ll give you outfit inspirations and show you how much value these pieces will add to your warm-weather line-up. After all, Bermuda linen shorts have been crowned Vogue’s shorts of the summer. That is good news for the rest of us, who have already been flaunting this style for decades. And it’s just another fashionable piece we have to thank Princess Diana for.

Discover what to wear with linen shorts and have the most elegant summer ever. You may just be mistaken for an international supermodel. (jealous!)

Bermuda linen shorts + flowy blouse

A blouse is an elegant match with our Jager Bermuda Linen Shorts. The femininity of the top contrasts with the more structured shape of the linen pants, creating perfect proportions. Plus, the breezy linens delightfully skim the skin—everything you would want in a summer outfit.

You can pair the white linen shorts with our Ari white linen top for a fresh warm weather combination you can rely on again and again. The oversized bow tie detail of the blouse delivers an Old-Word glamour to the outfit, making it look like you speak at least 3 different languages. It is sure to put an extra bounce in your step.

Tuck the top into the shorts for extra polish. It can take you from the office to drinks without an outfit change and looks effortlessly elegant at all hours of the day. Complete the look with a sleek mini handbag and barely-there sandals. Now, all that’s left is to get invited somewhere fabulous. 

Bermuda linen shorts + cropped linen top

The perfect weekend look is here with white linen shorts and a black linen crop top. Ideal for catchups with friends, coffee dates and everything in between, this pairing walks the tricky balance between casual and elegant effortlessly.

The linen top's cropped shape complements the higher-waisted design of the Bermuda shorts. You can have fun with the accessories and style it with silk scarves, big sunglasses and strappy statement-making sandals. Or keep it simple with a pretty pair of thongs.

Play up the summer feeling of the outfit and go for a black crochet top, full of texture and visual interest. Or rock contemporary colour styling and pair white linen shorts with cream or khaki tops—very of the moment. If you’re more in the mood for nautical, French vibes, go for black and white or black and navy looks. Top them off with a hint of red in the accessories.

Linen shorts + linen tunic + belt

Winter is for hibernating and recharging our social batteries. And summer is the opposite. The sunnier skies and longer days mean socialising, alfresco lunches and café hopping. Your outfit is sorted for all those activities and more, with a chic combination of linen shorts, linen tunic and belt.

The longer length of our Hugo Tunic Linen Shirt gives it infinite versatility. You won’t believe how much of a difference an extra few inches make. Style it unbuttoned over a simple singlet top and linen shorts. You can also add a belt over the unbuttoned white linen shirt for extra fashion points.

The colours are important to pull off the look completely. The safest way is to stick to a neutral palette of whites, creams and soft browns. Or keep most of the outfit white and choose one pop of colour.

And now for the footwear. Super powerful, it can take an outfit to the next level or bring it down into unforgettable territory. The shorter length of the shorts makes platform espadrille sandals an elegant option. Or for an edgier choice, go for strappy, gladiator sandals that wind all the way up the calves. Finish it off with a must-have summer accessory—a basket bag.

Discover even more ways to style this endlessly versatile linen shirt with our blog 5 ways to style white linen tops. There, we take our Hugo Linen Tunic Shirt and show 5 different outfit ideas for the Spring/Summer.

Can you wear linen shorts to work?

Linen shorts love to go to work with you. Just be smart about the type of shorts you choose. Tailored Bermuda linen shorts that finish just above the knees are the perfect office-approved choice. Their longer length helps create a more professional impression and pairs elegantly with a crisp button-down shirt. Stick to blacks and whites, and you’ll always look poised.

To impress at a business lunch, you could swap out a classic button-down for a stunning linen blouse. Make sure it is tucked into the linen shorts and gives you plenty of confidence. If there’s a print on the blouse, you can take one primary colour and use it for your footwear. For example, a red flower print can then be matched with a red heel.

No business uniform would be complete without a blazer. Decide on lightweight linen or cotton options to keep cool while you’re busy working. A patent ballet flat or modern loafer will do wonders and keep your feet in line with the business dress code.

What shoes to wear with linen shorts?

Sometimes, shoes can be an afterthought. Despite our vast shoe collections and obsessions, they’re often the last thing we put on before rushing out the door, and by then, there’s not much time left for thinking. To help you with the getting-ready rush, here are a couple of ideas on what shoes to wear with linen shorts.

For casual days

Pull off easy elegance with these footwear choices.

  • Cool sneakers
  • Birkenstocks
  • Flat sandals
  • Leather slides 

For business

Smarten up linen shorts for the office with these shoes.

  • Ballerina flats
  • Loafers
  • Mules
  • Pump

For special occasions

Have fun with linen shorts and dress them up for special occasions.

  • Barely there, strappy sandals are perfect for parties
  • Anything with a pointed toe delivers maximum attitude

Love your shoe collection? See our blog on what shoes to wear with linen pants for even more inspiration.

The secrets to styling linen shorts successfully

Linen shorts take you to elegant places. While wearing them, you could be strolling along the Amalfi Coast or sitting behind your desk at work. Who could be too sure what’s real and what’s fantasy? Linen shorts are low maintenance summer essentials, but just in case, here are a few tips to think about when styling them.

  • Make sure the shorts fit perfectly. The shorts are the stars of the look, so if they’re perfect, then the whole outfit will likely look chic. If your linen shorts are longer in length, then higher-waisted options are the most flattering. They will help elongate the overall silhouette. Shorter shorts can sit elegantly on the waist and look just as good with a comfortable drawstring waist.
  • Keep the outfit balanced. Balancing the proportions of an outfit goes a long way. If your linen shorts are on the baggier side, balance them with a fitted black linen shirt. Or add polish and definition to the silhouette by tucking your top into the shorts and completing the look with a leather belt.
  • Choose classic summer colours. Whites, blacks, and navy are classic colours that work well in the summer and all year round. You can go for an all-white or all-black look for an instant put-together ensemble. Or pair your white linen shorts with brightly coloured tops and match the brighter weather.

Conclusion: What to Wear with Linen Shorts

Easy, breezy linen shorts look as good as they feel on the body. Their classic shape makes them a staple of every warm-weather wardrobe and the perfect companion for business, weekends and special events.

Explore what to wear with linen shorts for the Spring/Summer seasons below.

  • For days off: pair your linen shorts with linen tops and camis for easy wear. Anything with a boat neckline is ultra-elegant. 
  • For the office: some may be surprised to find out that linen shorts are also top performers in the office, especially the knee-skimming Bermuda style. Making them office-ready is all in the styling. Slick hair and refined gold jewellery helps smarten up a look. A linen blazer is a must, as is a button-down shirt and dressy shoes—anything with a pointed toe demands respect and comes highly recommended.
  • For going out: a statement-making blouse is the perfect match for Bermuda linen shorts. You can wear it for nights out or business meetings depending on your footwear choices. Strappy sandals are spunkier and more fun while ballet flats and loafers are ideal for work.