Discover what shoes to wear with linen pants to rock the Spring/Summer season. We'll look at the most contemporary options for work, downtime, or just strolling around in your garden. 

Spring and Summer are gorgeous seasons to be out and about and flaunt your best linens. They're filled with delicious fruits, blue skies, and warm nights — where you sit outside under a canopy of fairy lights. 

It's still pleasant enough to go sock-less, except if you're sporting sneakers (an all-year-round trusty option. The perfect finishing touch is a linen trouser. 

Today, we're talking about a topic that doesn't get enough airtime — how important shoes are to the success of linen pants.

The best shoe depends on the pants it's paired with. So, look at the shape, fit, colour, and vibe of your pants before deciding on your footwear. Not to get too dramatic—we'll save that for the reality TV shows—but it could make or break an outfit. 

Put your most elegant foot forward and keep reading for our top styling ideas on what shoes to wear with linen pants. We're covering the whole gauntlet of occasions, from the boardroom to brunch and everything in between.

Combinations for Work

Skinny leg pants + sleek pumps

Work with the silhouette of skinny leg pants, not against it, with slingback pumps that elevate the sleekness of your look even further. For extra oomph, you can't go wrong with shiny patent ones. These will make you feel like a CEO. 

On more relaxed days, ballet flats work wonders. The two-toned variety is especially classy. But we'd stay away from shoes that are too chunky. They tend to make outfits with fitted pants look out of proportion.  

Wide leg linen pants + strappy sandals 

Play with contrasts and get rewarded for your efforts. Couple linen pants with dainty sandals for a lovely feminine vibe that's easy to wear on rotation. The billowing shape of the pants balances well with the barely-there sandals and gets the fashion editor's tick of approval. 

Tailored linen pants + pointed toe heels 

Pointed toe heels don't whisper but scream business. Whatever your mood, you can't help but feel confident strutting around in them. Paired with linen pants, they'll elongate the silhouette and make you look even taller and more statuesque. Turn heads in the office with our blog on how to wear linen pants for work

Combinations for Casual Wear

Everyday linen pants + leather slides 

If you're in a casual mood, pair your bottoms with easy-breezy leather slides. Classic and comfortable, they always manage to look so high-end. Plus, they elevate the laidback feeling of linen trousers so well. Even if you're not on holiday, you'll feel like you are. 

You could try a top-to-bottom white outfit, with white linen pants, linen crop top and an unbuttoned linen shirt worn like a cardigan. Then, let the leather slides be the only pop of muted colour. It's a zero-effort look that's harmonious, elevated and premium-looking that will take you from shopping to brunch without an outfit change. 

Linen pants + sneakers 

Linen pants do casual just as well as they do classy. For days when you're literally on the move, a chic pair of sneakers is always a reliable option. Whatever the colour of your linen trousers, you can't go wrong with white kicks. Otherwise, let your feet do the talking and go for bright-coloured sneakers that give your outfit a fashion-forward edge. 

Combinations for Vacation

Wide leg linen pants + espadrilles 

Only good vibes here, we're on vacation. The flowing shape of wide leg linen pants are so relaxing and calming they'll enhance the holiday feeling of any outfit. Finish them off with a chic pair of espadrilles, wedges if you're heading to dinner and you'll look especially sophisticated. It's a combo that speaks in soft, hushed tones the sweet words "French Riviera". Go for a slightly tapered pair of pants to show off the shoes even more. 

Culotte linen pants + block heel 

Make your heels the leading lady by pairing them with culotte linen pants cut at the ankles. You'll stay fresh and cool, however good the weather is, and still have a fashion moment with statement-making shoes. You can always opt for a sculptural heel for added drama. 

Why does this combo work? The bold structure of a block heel helps ground the dramatic width of the pants, creating a balanced look. It's all about balance, except when it comes to desserts and holidays. 

What colours work for spring/summer?

Black & white movies are all things nostalgic and elegant, but life without colour would be utterly bland. It's like years without holidays, salad without dressing and Pilates without the post-class catch-up with friends — impossible. 

Why all the talk about colour? Weren't we just talking about shoes? But these are also an essential piece of the styling puzzle. First, we'll look at the colours that are currently hot in Spring/Summer. Then, give ideas on how to style them with shoes and linen pants. 

So, what colours work well for Spring/Summer? The classics like white, soft pastels and florals will always be in. These help keep us feeling warm and upbeat as we catch the last rays of sunshine. 

For a contemporary way to wear floral prints, style them as accents or all-over printed dresses. Or pick a core colour in the print to match the rest of the outfit. It's not ground-breaking, but it is elegant. 

The colours making waves in Spring/Summer 2024 are everywhere. Luckily, many of them are timeless and have plenty of staying power, which is good news for our closet space. 

Cherry red is the colour of the moment—ambitious, daring, and statement-making. It shines the most when paired with sky blues, greys, and whites. The bright pops of red also remind us of tulips, that bloom during the Spring months. So, feel free to let images of flower fields and light-filled Impressionist paintings inspire your outfits. 

Softer tones like gelato yellow and pale blue-greys will effortlessly match your existing pieces. These gentler colours look their best when colour-blocked with white or worn as a tonal look, with both the top and bottom half awash in these sophisticated pastels. Then, complete the outfit with white sneakers. 

Delicious chocolate browns and greys are taking over as the season's neutrals. Get a taste of the cappuccino-coloured trend with LUXMII's linen dresses and pants, which have just launched in these enticing new colourways. There are still a few more months of good weather left, and these tasty browns help remind us to go out for coffee with friends. 

Greens, from khaki and muted lime to sage, are still going strong. They are best friends with other earthy shades like browns, creams, and yellows. 

When it comes to footwear, brown leather pairs amazingly well with greens, and there are plenty of options in that department. But there are so many more layers to unearth. Luckily, we cover them all in our blog. Discover what colours go with sage green clothing, and always look your best. 

Conclusion: What shoes to wear with linen pants

Shoes can set the tone of a whole outfit. So, what tone are your shoes setting? Is it casual and modern like sneakers or polished and dressy like heels? Luckily, thanks to their versatility, you can pair linen pants with any manner of shoes, and you'll usually pull the look off. 

Just in case, below are some helpful tips when thinking about what shoes to wear with linen pants. This is the Spring/Summer edition because all the different boots and loafers need a blog post of their own.

  • Neutrals work together smoothly: It can get overwhelming when trying to match all the different parts of your outfit into what we hope is one cohesive whole. So, when in doubt, just go for neutrals. Team linen pants in stunning whites, creams, greys, and browns with matching coloured footwear. Or opt for a neutral-coloured outfit and go bold with the shoes. Make them bright, colourful, and stand out. 
  • Pay attention to trouser length: There are some purists out there who believe in strict rules, but literally whatever works for you. Usually, though, you'll want pants to fall just on top of your shoes and sneakers. If you have to cuff your linen pants, try to do it on the inside of the pants. Then, secure with double stick tape or safety pins. It leaves a crisper look. 
  • Think about the occasion: If you need to look professional, pumps and classic ballet flats are the way to go. Kitten heels are every office gal's secret weapon. They'll help you make a smart impression without sacrificing comfort. For a more relaxed vibe, anything from slides to flat sandals pair perfectly with linen pants. 
  • Balance is the key: Try to balance the tailored with the sleek, the dramatic with the earthy, and the soft shapes with dainty footwear. It can be a tricky tightrope to walk, but hopefully, this blog helps.