Sage green is the colour of the moment. Read our blog to find out what colours go with sage green clothing and incorporate it into your wardrobe. 

Sage green is a muted tone that evokes calm, tranquillity and a feeling of nature. So even if you're double-booked, all your favourite clothes are in the wash, and you don't know what day it is, you'll still exude the utmost serenity when wearing sage.

In this day and age of flashy trends that come and go, sage green has real staying power. The best bit? It works well with so many different colours and styles. Wearing sage green is as easy as cleaning with a robot vacuum. The colour does all the work for you.

If you've got all your friends and even strangers asking, "Where did you get that from?" Then you know you've put together a killer outfit, and that's what we're hoping to achieve with this blog. Keep reading to find out what colours go with sage green linen clothing.

What is sage green?

Sage green oozes sophistication and elegance. She's the planner, the organizer and definitely goes on lunch dates with Ms Wintour. Her impressive list of accomplishments don't end there. Sage green has also been crowned one of Vogue's favourite colours.

What's sage green? Basically, it's a type of green. Who would have thought? Then cool or warm undertones are added to the green to create a fresh, new colour that's something different from the standard primary green.

Is sage green a cool or warm colour?

Most sage greens are cooler, but they can also be warm. It depends on what kind of colour is infused into the green. The hottest sage greens at the moment have black and blue added to them to create an utterly sophisticated cool sage green. 

Warmer sage greens that feel like sunshine are infused with reds, oranges and yellows to mellow out the green. Think of a softer khaki tone.

When you're styling with sage green, it helps to know what type of sage colour you're working with. Then you can incorporate those undertones into the rest of your look to create a seamless outfit that'll look like you studied colour theory at school. But really, you didn't.

What colours go with sage green clothing?


Creams, whites and blacks literally go with everything. They're the colours that can be seated next to anyone at a dinner party and happily chat away. So they also play nicely and look fabulous with sage green.

Creams will give you an understated, chick look. They're cool, calm and collected, with 0 unread emails in their inbox. For extra colour harmony, extend the creams to your accessories too.

Want your outfit to say clean & crisp? Then pair your sage greens with whites. They're refined, professional and always on time for every meeting. It’s amazing what a white linen top can do when paired with sage trousers.

If you're hoping for a bold outfit, then blacks are your golden ticket. The classic colour pairs effortlessly with sage green to deliver a modern aesthetic that will make you the unofficial style queen of your friend group.

Tonal -  shades of green

Here's the secret trick to always look like you've just stepped off the runway, tonal styling. How contemporary does an all-white room look? That's the effect you'll get when you choose one colour, green and style it with matching tones and shades. 

As well as we pair with the Greek islands, so do tonal greens with sage. Go for jumpsuits, rompers or a full sage trouser suit to rock the monochrome green look.

Emeralds look stunning with sage green for the cooler months. A sage green blazer styled over an emerald-coloured polo top and sage green linen pants is the definition of dressing to impress.

When the sun's shining, go for brighter, lighter greens to match your mood and the sunshine. Pastels are also having a major moment right now and, as luck would have it, pair fabulously with sage. A monochrome green outfit makes you feel as good as a post-exercise buzz.

Complimentary – Bordeaux red

Let's put our funky art teacher glasses on and take a look at a colour wheel. When you're planning the colour of your outfits, it's a great place to start.

Complimentary colours are those that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. While they may seem like an unlikely pair at first, they'll create maximum impact.

Sage green's complimentary colour is a deep red. Pour yourself a glass of the finest Cab Sav or Shiraz for inspiration. When you're hoping to have all eyes on you, this is a winning combo. You could always go for bright red lips for a more subtle take on this colourful pairing.

Analogous – sorbet yellow

Welcome to Summertime in an outfit. Pair sage green pants with a light sorbet yellow top. Effervescent, light and mood-boosting, this colour combo is a stunner. The only downside is it may make you hungry for gelato.

When we talk about colour wheels etc., it sounds like we actually know what you're talking about, and people are really impressed. As well as people thinking you're smart (always love some help in that department), it also helps make you look elegant without having to send countless photos of outfit ideas to your bestie before leaving the house. 

(Does a quick Google search) Analogous colours are those that sit next to each other on the colour wheel. When you style them together, you'll create a soft, harmonious look. Light yellows and lime greens are analogous colours to sage green. So when paired together, they'll create an effortlessly chic outfit that will actually make you want to get up from the couch and venture outside.

What colours go with sage green clothing for formal events?  

Sage green is an MVP for any important events on the calendar, weddings, brunches, baby showers, you name it. Sage will have you looking sophisticated. 

For all other days, we like to pretend we're going to the gym. Then just not go and strut around in athleisure wear all day instead. 

Sage green linen dresses or satin ones make for super popular bridesmaids' dresses. All that's left is to combine with some stunning accessories. Strappy heels in both gold and silver would do just the trick. 

Just as obsessed with linen dresses as we are? Read our blog on how to wear linen midi dresses for every occasion.

Glam up sage green for formal events with blush tones like dusty soft pinks and champagne. The added sparkle in these colours will make you feel like your most charming and feminine self.

What jewellery to wear with sage green clothing?

Dazzling jewels are a need, not a want, obviously. Luckily, they're easy to style with sage green, so whatever you've currently got in your jewellery collection should work well and is guaranteed to amp up the glamour of your sage green outfit. 

Delicate gold and rose gold jewellery will warm up the coolness of the green. For a holiday look that is still all things chic, you can always accessorize sage green with pearls or silver jewellery.

Outfit ideas – how to style a sage green linen shirt

A simple way to incorporate the sage green trend into your wardrobe is with a classic linen button-down. What's on the menu with our Alix Relaxed Linen Shirt? Instant elegance. It'll make you feel so effortlessly confident that bumping into old lovers and ex-friends will be welcomed, not feared.

Here are a few simple ways to style a sage green linen shirt.

Cream linen trousers

Any light earthy tones like cream, white and light brown pair well with a sage green shirt. If you're going with a comfortable fit for the bottoms, then you can always use a belt or tie the waist of our sage green linen shirt for extra definition around the waist. Finish off with cream-coloured leather slides or sandals, and you'll look instantly elegant and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Except for parking tickets, those can go away.


Can't function without your favourite pair of jeans? You won't have to part with them when you're wearing a sage green button-down. In fact, you'll look so stunning you'll purposely cross the street to take another look at yourself in the shop windows. Darker denim will work best and pair well with brown-coloured accessories. To create a streamlined look, go for lengthier jeans so they'll also cover the shoes you're wearing.

We've got plenty more styling ideas up our sleeve. Read our blog on how to wear a linen shirt like a style master.

Conclusion: what colours go with sage green clothing?

What colours go with sage green clothing? Because sage green is such a dream colour, many. If sage green was a guest, she would clean up after herself, give the best gifts and bring along a homemade salad. Below are the best colours to pair with sage green clothing:

  • Neutrals – you can't go wrong with neutrals. Creams, whites and blacks bring out the best in sage green. Whether you've got work or play on the schedule, all these colours are guaranteed to look fab.
  • Monochrome – an all-over green outfit comes without stress and plenty of positives. Emerald and pastel greens both pair effortlessly with sage.
  • Sorbet yellow – for a fresh look, style your sage greens with sorbet yellow. Modern? Tick. Looks good on everyone? Tick.