Why we love linen and the benefits of wearing clothing made from this wonder fabric.

There was a time in history when linen clothes were reserved for high society and the noble – linen was once so precious that it was even used for wrapping the bodies of mummies in Egypt, contributing to the preservation of such ancient treasures. 

However the cultivation of flax spread throughout the 16th century and beyond, making linen more available.

Fast forward to today and linen is being rediscovered and redefined as a luxury fabric that is highly sustainable… in fact linen is one of the few fabrics that is almost 100% biodegradable and requires very little water! 

From high street brands to luxury designers and premium labels creating elegant yet functional pieces like our Milos Dress, it’s evident that linen is making a comeback with its ever-growing popularity and with the added benefits of being an ethically and sustainably produced material (a huge topic that’s here to stay… hopefully) it’s no wonder linen has become a favourite, especially for those warmer months! 

Many say linen is their preferred fabric for clothing of healing, healthy living and general well being but what exactly is linen and how is it beneficial?

What exactly is linen and how is it made?

Linen is a natural plant fibre that comes from the inner bark of flax stems, called the bast.  To extract the bast, the plants are either cut or pulled from the ground, by hand. Some even say that by pulling, creates finer more delicate linen!

It is put through a process called retting which essentially removes the plant stock from the fibres.  Once this happens, the fibres are then separated in order to collect the longest pieces, which are then spun into yarn, woven into linen fabric and made into bedding and linen clothing



The flax plants we use are grown in Europe and require little to no pesticides, fertilisers or irrigation.  It is then woven and made into beautiful linen garments like our beloved Pallocino Top, by family-run ateliers in Greece, Portugal and Hong Kong. 

Our linen is also Oeko-Tex certified (standard 100), which simply means that no harsh chemicals were used therefore deemed safe for humans.  Furthermore, we collaborate with family-run factories with above-standard working conditions that employ less-intensive chemical processes (such as the dye they use to colour the fabric) and share our vision for a more sustainable future in the textile and garment industry.

Now to the good stuff…

Here are 5 benefits of wearing linen and why we have fallen in love with this wonder fabric:

#1 It’s got some serious strength and durability

Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres. Being 30% stronger than any other natural fabric means that your linen pieces will last longer, making it a perfect addition to your collection of wardrobe essentials.

A high quality dress made of cotton could last you a few seasons but one made from linen will live far beyond that, making the cost-per-wear significantly decreases.

Moreover, your linen clothes won’t lose their shape after washing unlike other natural fabrics, if anything, they become softer and even more pleasant to the skin over time.

And since it’s a generational fabric, with proper care, you’ll be able to pass down your favourite linen dresses like this one,  for your granddaughters to enjoy for years to come. What an amazing benefit and reason to buy linen clothing, when they last more than a generation! 

safari linen dress

#2 It’s sustainable and almost fully biodegradable

As we’ve mentioned, linen is made from the stalks of flax, which is an extremely resilient plant which has the ability to grow under poor conditions; little use of fertiliser and water making it one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric out there! 

In fact, and this is probably our favourite benefit to wearing linen clothing is that, when ecologically dyed meaning that no harsh chemicals are used in the colouring process, your linen clothes are fully biodegradable! 

Did you also know that the flax seeds and oils serve as a source of nutrition for both animals and humans?!  This amazing life cycle results in a zero-waste fabric that is both recyclable and renewable.

Another benefit of linen clothing is that it will degrade much faster than your cotton pieces.

More on sustainable fashion….

Have you noticed the rising popularity of environmentally friendly and ethically made clothing? As an ethical brand, we are thrilled to see more and more people becoming aware of the damage that the textile industry is doing to our planet with the growing piles of waste and landfill it’s contributing to, so by opting for sustainable alternatives, is a great way to contribute to this positive movement!

And since the flax plant is very resilient, these little guys can grow under poor soil quality and require little to no irrigation or pesticides. With linen being inherently sustainable in nature, at Luxmii, we aim to ban all single-use plastic from all stages of our supply chain by 2021, with the aim to one day become zero-waste whilst still creating beautiful and wearable garments. 

Now back to the benefits of wearing linen!

linen dresses 

#3 Easy to care for and oh so versatile.

Since linen is an extremely durable fabric, it doesn’t require any special treatment. However there are a few notable things to remember when washing your linen in order to prolong its life – here are our simple recommendations on how to care for your linen.

A great benefit about linen clothing is that although considered a luxury fabric, it is safe to machine wash, just bear in mind to use room temperature or cold water so as to avoid any shrinkage and avoid bleach or detergents with a whitening effect as these harsh chemicals tend to weaken the fibre. 

Another benefit about linen clothing is that it doesn’t need to be ironed to look good. As one of the most wrinkle-prone fabrics out there, its creasy imperfections is what makes this wonder fabric so charming!

What’s more is that high quality linen is even more wrinkly as it is normally finer and dainty in nature.  Have you noticed that effortless elegance achieved with a full linen look is rarely applied to any other fabric?!

Imagine yourself in an all-white linen outfit, sun-kissed skin and your favourite clutch, on your way to a beach-side bistro for the evening after a day out sailing!  No other fabric could be more appropriate than linen to carry you from a day out and into the night.


all white linen outfit  

With linen’s innate ability to compliment every occasion, it’s perfect to take with you on vacation.  At Luxmii, we have thousands of career-driven powerfraus that have fallen in love with our designs as they have found them to be work appropriate yet comfortable to wear all day long. 

Combining a versatile fabric such as linen with wearable yet unique styles, is what sets us apart.  Each piece has been thoughtfully and consciously designed with the intention to easily mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe hence the use of natural core colours and cuts. 

Styling your linen look isn’t only limited to the warmer months. In fact, linen is becoming increasingly popular in the fall and winter too! Why? Because linen is one of the very few if not only natural fabric that can keep you both cool and warm.

The pros of wearing linen when it’s warm is endless; lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking being at the top of the list but linen is actually also a natural insulator and has the ability to release excess humidity so whilst wool, cashmere or cotton might make you feel warm at first, it will also make you sweat. 

Linen on the contrary  will retain the heat from your body and whatever excess is leftover which keeps you warm and dry. During winter we suggest layering up, by using your linen clothes as a base layer or your skin’s first point of contact. 

This way your body can benefit it’s natural insulating properties.  And who doesn’t love a layered look! Creating stylish outfits so you can continue wearing your favourite linen pieces year long sounds like a great way to keep your linen outfit game strong even  during the colder months!


An amazing benefit to wearing linen is that you’re likely to sweat twice as less wearing linen clothing, than any other fabric.


#4 It has healing properties and health benefits 

Linen is breathable and highly absorbent, this means that when you sweat, linen will take the perspiration away from your skin to prevent that sticky and uncomfortable clammy feeling and keep you dry as it’s moisture wicking so wearing linen actually cools you down and in turn you sweat less. 

Furthermore, another amazing benefit to wearing linen is that you’re likely to sweat twice as less wearing linen clothing, than any other fabric!

Another benefit of wearing linen clothes is that it’s hypoallergenic meaning that it suppresses bacteria, fungi, and pollen.  In fact,  linen helps prevent many allergic disorders and even aids in improving skin conditions like eczema and chronic rashes as there is a much less likely chance for bacteria and microbes to breed.

And since body odour is caused by bacteria, wearing a linen shirt on a humid or hot day will keep you staying fresher for longer, not to mention the fact that your clothes will harbour less germs due to its hypoallergenic properties.

woman wearing white linen outfit



#5 It’s so luxurious and elegant yet comfortable to wear everyday

If you’ve read all the above benefits of linen clothing, you probably already got the idea that linen, being lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating, is at the top of the pyramid of comfortable clothing. But we’d also like to add that linen clothes are usually designed to have a relaxed-fit making them perfect for people of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

So go on, find a piece of linen clothing that will change your life. We’re serious — it can really do that!

Final thoughts

With all it’s amazing qualities, we hope that we have shared some insight into all the incredible benefits of wearing linen clothing. Linen currently makes up for only a mere 1% of the world’s textile and apparel production mainly due to the considerable time and effort it takes to produce linen yarn, making it a high priced luxury fabric. 

To recap all of the benefits that linen clothing brings, we can refine it down to a simple 5 point list:

  1. It’s strong and durable
  2. It’s sustainable and biodegradable 
  3. It’s easy to care for and versatile 
  4. It has healing properties and various health benefits
  5. It’s luxurious and elegant yet comfortable for everyday wear 

If you’ve ever asked people who wear linen, they’re likely to tell you that they can’t imagine life without it.  We’d have to say that we feel the exact same way. How do you feel about linen clothing? 


Love linen, and a pure white set will stay pure white for years if you launder at home❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

— Joy Mottl