If, more than handbag sales or happy hour, you wish for crisply folded bed sheets, labelled shelves and perfectly arranged pillows, then this blog on how to organize a linen closet will be right up your clean-freak alley.

Got Marie Kondo on speed dial? We’ll show you how to organize a linen closet so that it looks like the organization aficionado herself just swept through the space with her magical wand.

You’ll transform your closet into an oasis of order and calm. No more overflowing drawers and old towels only a mother could love. Welcome to clean o’clock.

 What Goes In A Linen Closet?

Linen’s much more than just linen tops and linen trousers. When it comes to the linen closet, these are the items most commonly stored:

  • beddding – sheets, covers, blankets and pillows
  • towels
  • tablecloths and napkins
  • cleaning products
  • extra general supplies like toilet paper
  • First Aid kit

how to organize linen closet

STEPS: How To Organize A Linen Closet

These are the key steps to take if you’re ready to organize your linen closet like the pros.

For those that need extra motivation (us!), picture all the time you’ll save in the long run and treat yourself after all the hard work. All we’re saying is we’ll clean like a whiz if someone drops off some fresh pastries.

  1. Empty your closet
  2. Measure the space carefully
  3. Take a hard look at your stuff and then declutter
  4. Store everyday essentials in easy-to-reach places
  5. Like items go with like items
  6. Organize items seasonally

how to organize linen closet

Step 1. Take everything out of the closet

When we say everything, we mean everything. Your closet should be even more empty than the fridge when it’s your turn to cook dinner. Starting from scratch lets you know what you’re working with, how much junk you’ve accumulated, and it helps eventually turn your closet into a masterpiece.

Step 2. Measure your space

Time to get the measuring tape out and measure all the different nooks and corners of your closet. It’ll help give you the closet of your dreams because any baskets, containers or shelves will look like they’ve been custom-fitted.

We go CRAZY for wicker baskets with fabric edges. In fact, we bought four in the time it took you to read this sentence. But don’t worry, our credit card’s safe. Plenty of chic options can be found in affordable places like IKEA. Try to steer clear of plastic, though. It can turn yellow over time.

how to organize linen closet

Step 3. Declutter

Declutter. And the more radical you are with it, the better. Just like when you go to the hairdressers for a trim and come home with half your hair missing, it’s better to do a major refresh than none at all.

Play a little game of stash or trash. Anything you haven’t used in the last five years should go. Old sheets and towels can be donated while expired toiletries need to say hello to the bin.

We’re not ones to curb back anyone’s shopping habits (hides online search history), but keeping a stripped-back, streamlined set of items in our closets makes everything simpler. 

As a general rule, try to stick to two bed sheets and pillow covers per bed.

The two rule also applies to towels. Two bath towels and two hand towels per person are a good general rule to stick to.

Step 4. Make everyday essentials easy to access

Dinner’s our shout if you just follow this killer tip that will cut your day-to-day stress levels way down. Keep your favourites upfront.

The space between your waist and eye level is the easiest to reach, so store everyday essentials there. Keep bulkier items on the lower shelves or on the floor. Items you rarely use should be stored out of the way on the top shelves. 

Step 5. Group like items together

Show us a map, and we’ll instantly list off the Greek islands on our holiday wish list. But organizing a linen closet doesn’t come so naturally. To keep it simple, arrange items in groups. Make a dedicated section for towels, a separate shelf for bed sheets and so on. As a bonus, it’ll make looking for something simple.

Step 6. Organize items seasonally

Picture unexpected guests coming to stay. You’ve freshly made their beds, towels are ready in the bathroom, and you’ve even got enough time to make yourself a spicy beverage. Of course, the sun’s shining and the birds are chirping because this is a fantasy. Yet sticking to a quick linen closet clean-up twice a year could make this a reality.

Think about those items that you only use a few times a year. They’re taking up precious real estate in your closet. Things like Christmas tablecloths and beach towels should be packed away until needed. Store warm blankets upfront for the winter and make lighter linens easily accessible during the summer months.

***These tips also translate well to organizing your linen clothing. ***

Top Tips: How To Organize A Linen Closet

  1. Roll, don’t fold — when it comes to space-saving tips, this one beats them all. Roll up your towels instead of folding them, and you’ll be able to fit more towels in the same spot. Plus, it keeps towels free of any wrinkles. For those ready to go above and beyond, follow queen Marie Kondo’s steps on how to roll and fold.
  1. Keep enough buffer room — try not to fill up shelves and containers to the max. It’s always good to have a little extra breathing space for any unexpected items.
  1. Woven baskets — we love an item that can be both stylish and functional, and that’s a woven basket. You’ll love walking into your closet when it’s filled with these, and they make everything look tidy.
  1. Keep it beautiful — organized doesn’t have to mean boring or sterile. Decorate your linen closet with pots, flowers and framed pictures. Pretty plates or bowls add personality but can also be used to display bits and pieces in a neat way.
  1. Add scents — scented wax tablets or pouches of dried lavender add a sense of luxury to your linen closet, and they come without the price tag. It’s all about making it a place that’s as welcoming and pleasant as possible.

how to organize linen closet

How To Store Bedroom Linens For Maximum Longevity?

We’ll jump into bed well before bedtime when a freshly cleaned set of sheets and covers is waiting. Plus, our bedroom linens usually get softer and more comfortable as time passes, so it’s important to care for them correctly.

Keep linens in fabric bags to stop dust from collecting on the surface. Don’t forget to routinely wash the fabric bags as well as the linens to keep everything as fresh and clean as possible.

For extra points, place acid-free paper between each sheet to create more air circulation and guarantee that your sheets will stay cleaner for longer.

Or you can even store bed sheets within a matching pillowcase. It means sheets will still be protected, and you’ll also have all the bedding together in one place — no more mix-ups when you need to make a fresh bed. For more organization tricks on how to store bedroom linens, click here.

How To Store Pillows Correctly

Pillow addicts, you can never have too many pillows, can you? Help is on the way with our tip that will help you keep adding to your collection without having your whole home drown in pillows. 

Stick to a few high-quality inserts in standard sizes – a good percentage of down and feathers — and then go wild with the covers. Covers save space while still giving you a chance to put your personality and style ideas on full display.

When storing your pillow inserts — the soft cushiony part — the key is to space them evenly so they don’t get cramped and lose shape.

We highly recommend arranging them on shelves with plenty of breathing room.

how to organize linen closet

What To Do If You Have A Small Linen Closet?

Sparkly diamonds come in teeny, tiny boxes. Just proving the point that small doesn’t always equal bad. 

If you have a small linen closet, not to worry. Look for areas around the rest of your home where there’s some extra space. Thinking creatively might even land you bonus design points in the end. A wooden chest of drawers at the end of the bed or ottomans with hidden inside shelving are all winning options.

 Some other ideas:

  • trunks made from wicker – infuse timeless charm into any room.
  • buffet cabinets with closed doors — for dining room linens
  • shelving underneath coffee tables – for your most special and beautiful tablecloths.
  • beds with built-in storage drawers underneath — design and function points.
  • while they might not look the best, vacuum-sealed bags are huge space-savers. 

Conclusion: How To Organize A Linen Closet

Go where few dare to go until no one can find matching socks. Finally, give that dreaded place a refresh with our blog on how to organize a linen closet.

When the kids or your partner asks, “Where is she?” you’ll be hiding in your aesthetically pleasing, know where everything is, new favourite spot (AKA the linen closet).

Here are the key steps to help you organize your linen closet:

  1. First, take everything out of your linen closet
  2. Before buying any containers or shelves, measure carefully
  3. Declutter and sort through your existing items
  4. Keep frequently used items in easy-to-access places
  5. Store items in groups
  6. Do a closet refresh each season

Now that you’ve organized the closet of your dreams, it’s all about keeping your linens in the best condition. Read our tips on how to wash linen.