Discover how to keep linen from wrinkling for silky smooth results whenever you want to whip out your favourite linens and breeze through life.

We know why your linen clothing keeps wrinkling, and we'll tell you how to fix it. 

No more falling down Google rabbit holes, poring over dozens of articles trying to find the answer. It doesn't matter how many times the internet tells you to use baking soda, don't. Plus, you can give your mum a break and stop hounding her — as a fully grown adult — about how to do your laundry (guilty!). 

The secret to keeping linen wrinkle-free is all in the details. Little adjustments at every step of the process will help to give you a crisp look in the end. We'll cover how to wash, iron and hang your linen in the right way so it looks stunning.

Extra TLC to eliminate stubborn creases will pay off big time. Read on to find out how to keep linen from wrinkling with quick and easy tips that you can do even when you're in a rush.

How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

Life-Changing Tips On How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

Don’t overload the washing machine

Give your linen clothing plenty of space when washing to minimise wrinkles. It also ensures your pieces will stay in gorgeous condition for longer.

Be quick when taking your linens out of the washing machine

Looks like a small thing, but it will make a massive difference to how smooth your linens will be in the end. It seems like every extra minute your linen pieces spend in the machine — they end up twisting themselves with the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast.

Dry your linens flat

Or air them out to dry on the line. Give them a good shake before hanging. You'll be stunned at how many creases smooth out naturally just by following this quick tip. In the end, it will also save you time on ironing.

Iron your linens while they’re still damp for best results

Plus, you won't need an Iron Man arm to iron out the wrinkles. Guaranteed to give you a smooth finish in minutes.

A quality steamer will be your everyday hero

Can't rave enough about how quickly steamers remove creases without damaging the clothing. There's a reason fashion designers swear by them.

Be extra careful how you sit & move

Straighten up a linen skirt or pants before you sit down to help minimise wrinkles. Try to unbutton linen jackets before sitting, or better yet, hang them over a chair. We may remember the first few times but then forget and start daydreaming about what it would be like to permanently move to St. Tropez — so the extra reminder always helps.

Wear linens with prints 

Linen pieces featuring stripes or prints do an excellent job of hiding wrinkles. If all else fails, go for a printed linen shirt; no one will even know you haven't used an iron.

Why Does Linen Wrinkle?

Love the breezy fit of linen? Hate the way many synthetics stick to the skin in balmy temperatures? The reason why linen is so breathable and lightweight is also why it gets a bit wrinkly. We think that's a fair deal for the endless chic it so kindly gives us. Plus, the wrinkles are what makes linen so charming.

Let's cut the fabric that gives us billowy summer dresses and the ultimate holiday wardrobe some slack. Linen never has to try too hard; she just has to show up, and she's best dressed.

Why does linen tend to wrinkle, though? It’s made from the flax plant, which has stiff cellulose fibres. These don't have as much elasticity as other fabrics, and so don't bounce back into shape once the fabric is folded or creased.

Luckily, minimising the wrinkles in linen clothing shouldn't cause too many headaches, especially if you follow the advice we've set out in this blog. Good luck!

How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

How To Wash Linen To Keep It Wrinkle-Free

When it comes to washing linen, it's only good news. There's no need for dry cleaning. You can do the washing from home. Unless it's a suit, then it's best to go with professionals.

Let's keep the positives coming. To wash linen, all you need is a washing machine and mild detergent. It really is that easy.

Simply pop your linens into a gentle, short cycle with a temperature of 30C, and you'll be ready to don your favourite pieces just like that. Make sure to avoid overloading the washing machine, though; linen loves her personal space.

If you shudder at the thought of doing laundry, linen's on your side. She's an elegant lady and ages gracefully. The more you wash her, the softer and smoother she becomes. So as time goes on, the less you'll have to worry about wrinkles. Perfection. Our skincare wishes she could do that. 

Important tip alert. Keep an eye on the time when your linens are in the washing machine. Try to take them out as soon as the cycle finishes.

It may seem extreme to schedule your day around your washing machine — we schedule ours around our stomachs — but it really does work. It will help beat the dreaded bunched and scrunched mess that you could find when you finally open your washing machine hours later.

How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

Best Way To Iron Linen To Keep It From Wrinkling

If you're after crisp-looking linen tops, you'll have to get the iron out. Who would have thought?

No worries on that front, though. Ironing linen is easy as long as you follow some simple rules. The top rule is to iron when the linen is damp. The creases haven't set yet, so smoothing them out is as easy as online shopping (something that comes naturally to us).

If your clothing has already dried, it's not a big problem. Simply get a spray water bottle and lightly spritz your linen.

For all the must-know details on how to iron linen, visit our blog that covers it all.

How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

Best Way To Hang Linen To Minimise Wrinkles

The last thing anyone wants is to labour over the washing and ironing of linen to hang them incorrectly. 

It's as if all your previous work was for nothing. You'd have been better off soaking it up in a bubble bath with essential oils and all. Obviously, you can choose the bath option as a reward after all that laundry.

To avoid the above horror, carefully hang your linens so they look sensational when you next need to wow at an event. The best possible way to hang a linen blouse is on padded hangers. This cuts out any possibility of creasing, and the padding minimises any fabric stretch. The same goes for linen dresses if you can.

Linen trousers should be folded in half lengthwise. Then gently draped across a hanger or folded into a drawer. If you're out of wooden or padded hangers, gently folding is your next best option. Try to minimise the amount of creases.

How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

A Steamer Is Gold

Any creases from folding can be steamed out before you wear them. A steamer is perfect for when you need a specific item of clothing to look smooth on short notice. Just steam, and you're ready to roll.

Plus, a steamer makes for a very handy travelling companion. Throw one into your suitcase. But how to pack linen to keep it wrinkle-less is a whole other topic. 

How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

What Linen Wrinkles The Least?

Linen's renowned for its laidback, nonchalant elegance. That wouldn't be possible without its unique texture and slightly crumpled finish.

Yet, there are situations where a very crisp look is called for. Important meetings come to mind. Luckily, there are solutions. Going for linen fabric with hints of cotton will create a smoother finish without the help of an iron.

Looking for delightfully breathable trousers that stay wrinkle-free? However many times you get up to use the office coffee machine, our Piega Linen Trousers will stay crisp and smooth.

They're meticulously tailored from 50% organic linen and 50% organic cotton. These beauties are handmade in Greece, and slipping into them for the day feels as good as not checking your emails.

How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

Conclusion: How To Keep Linen From Wrinkling

Just like the adorable folds and rolls of skin on puppies, we find the soft creases on linen clothing oh so lovely. Smoothing them out, though, is very doable and easy. Just follow these tips on how to keep linen from wrinkling:

  • Avoid stuffing your washing machine when washing linens. Giving your pieces a little extra room in the machine will help big time if you don't want wrinkles.
  • Don't forget about your linen clothing in the washing machine. As soon as the washing cycle is finished, try to take your linens out. So any wrinkles don't dry.
  • Iron linen clothing when it's damp. Once creases are dried into the fabric, they're harder to remove. Spritz lightly with water if your linens have already dried.
  • Start steaming. If you need to remove wrinkles or creases in a flash, a top-quality steamer is your best bet. There's no downtime. You can wear your linens straight after steaming.
  • Embrace the wrinkled look. This is our favourite tip, the crumples on linen are a big part of its magic.

A girlfriends' group chat is like the holy grail of knowledge. Where years of collective wisdom, mistakes and successes hide. We'd love to hear your best tips about how to keep linen from wrinkling.