Moves are being made. And not the ones being thrown down on the dance floor on Saturday night. Though, those are fun, too.

LUXMII Linen is now the over-the-moon happy owner of a production house in Portugal. It’s a big move that will skyrocket our high quality even higher.

Designs will now be produced in micro batches which means we only produce exactly what we need without any waste.

Every piece is hand cut by artisan tailors who are true experts at what they do and just happen to be our friends, too.

Who says you can't have it all? We are here to accept the challenge and prove that you can balance a successful business alongside a commitment to quality and sustainability. Loyal customers and caffeine help the balance.

Meet Ateliê de LUXMII. Bonus points for correct pronunciation. Our very own production house and dispatch facility in Portugal, Europe. It is now where all LUXMII Linen pieces will be designed, cut, packed and shipped — which is rare in the modern fashion business.

By upgrading our operations, we will have more control over how we create clothes. Moving allows us to work closely with our artisan tailors and develop stronger connections with our fabric suppliers, enhancing the quality of LUXMII pieces to sumptuous new heights.

In the spirit of transparency,  we are excited to hand you the keys (metaphorically) and show you around as we set a new standard for quality. So you can see the extra time, precision and attention to detail that goes into every garment. 

Most brands, when they grow, push harder and faster, and ultimately, what starts to fall is the quality of their products. But we are taking a more unconventional path to success that does not compromise.

We are bucking trends and going the other way. As we grow, we are paying even more attention to the quality of our garments because we know it is what makes us special.

Moving our operations to Portugal allows us to have a very hands-on approach at each step of the production process, guaranteeing greater quality on all levels as we continue to perfect our craft. It is a lifelong commitment and a new home, not a one-off summer romance.

Ateliê de LUXMII is where we have nurtured a close connection with fabric supply chain partners and talented artisans. So now we can focus on what is most important to us, creating consciously-made linens defined by their flawless quality.

LUXMII Linen is saying yes to exquisite artisan-made linens and a big NOPE to mass, bulk-produced fast fashion where the stitching unravels after the first wash. For those that don't fit the typical size range, say yes to custom sizing solutions. Our talented tailors can create a fit that works for you.

Why are we telling you?

Ateliê de LUXMII is going to deliver plenty of benefits for our customers. There are so many we have had to make a list.

  • Outstanding quality: making everything in-house means our pieces will be created by talented artisans who are like family to us. They live and breathe their craft infusing extra skill and time into every stitch. We are elevating the quality of our pieces with traditional cutting methods and French seams that create a smooth, luxurious finish.
  • No bulk stock: we are serious about creating more sustainable, conscious fashion. LUXMII Linen designs will be produced in micro-batches and made to order so that very little stock will be held at our Low inventory means we have completely eliminated one of the most negative issues in the fashion industry — deadstock. With most deadstock ending up in landfill, we are extra proud of this fact.
  • Faster Shipping: after you click “order”, our production team jumps to work and creates your items on the spot. Expected shipping times will be even faster than they are now once your order is cut, sewn and packed, as we have upgraded to the fastest service.
  • Reducing carbon footprint: we are consolidating our supply chain to bring you a more conscious, sustainable end product. All LUXMII pieces will now be designed, produced, packed and shipped from one location, our Ateliê in Portugal.
  • Greater customer care: a better customer experience is here because our team will be right at the source of both production, customer care and shipping. 
  • More new designs that you love: Fresh new styles in our core fabrics will be launched every month. Just another benefit of keeping operations in-house. Our team will be on the ground in the middle of the action. So, you can shop more of what you love as we get direct feedback. Play the tape back. Remember when we said you could have it all? Because we only produce in line with customer demand, there is no waste or guilt, unlike fast fashion. Happy shopping.

What’s the Ateliê de LUXMII process?

Owning our own production house gives us the control to oversee every part of the production process, from fabric to fit to stitches. Call us passionate or controlling, but we are beyond excited to perfect the quality of our garments to whole new levels.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the process for anyone still reading. There are, hopefully, still a few. Keep in mind every step is happening in one place, Ateliê de LUXMII, which isn’t common. 

  1. Organic-certified linen from the Netherlands, France and Italy (the gold medallists of linen fabric production) arrives at our production house in Portugal.
  2. Talented seamstresses, pattern makers and tailors create LUXMII designs from our certified linen.
  3. Once the pieces have been quality tested by our team, they are packed and shipped off to our customers.

Warehouse Sale

We’ve got a secret to tell you. LUXMII Linen is about to have a warehouse sale.

As anyone who has been through the ordeal of moving knows, it is stressful. That includes those of us who get coffees for the people actually doing the moving. That is why we are having a warehouse sale to clear all existing stock.

Designs will be up to 25% off to help empty the stock in our previous warehouse so we can make the move into Ateliê de LUXMII more seamless.

Use code SALE25 to get 25% off your next order.

The transition to Ateliê de LUXMII is set for January 2024, so get excited.